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Newsletter Autumn 2017

Hello to you all,

The Summer passed very quickly and Autumn has arrived as the leaves turn gold and brown and the days shorten. Such a time encourages us to journey inside ourselves, to take more time to reflect. On the outer planes there appear to be so many troubles around us, so it is even more imperative that we cultivate a good life on our inner levels and develop our selfless work of transformation and service. Our world certainly needs us to do that.

Much of my teaching over the next year will reflect that with some continuation of the Self-Mastery courses in Bury St Edmunds in January and Pforzheim, Germany in March. I am also offering an in-depth study course on ‘Awakening – The spiritual Path’ in Switzerland in January and June. There are also two clairvoyance courses, one in Bury in May and one in Scotland in February. To help healers and therapists have a deeper understanding of the spiritual significance of their work, there will be in-depth courses on ‘Healing’ both in Switzerland and Edinburgh in September. ‘Siriun Healing and Magic’ training will continue in Bury St Edmunds.

I would like to thank those in USA who voted my book ‘Angels Looking Through’ worthy of a prize in the ‘Living Today’ book awards. Thank you! Do get your copy if you have yet to have one.

I am preparing more recordings to be available for download on my web site and the production of an app is currently underway.

My aim always is to encourage, inform, serve and enlighten and I look forward to seeing old friends and new this autumn and through 2018.

Thank you for all the help, support and love I receive from so many of you.

Your friend,


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