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Flower Colour Chromatic Essences

I have long been an advocate of the Bach Flower Remedies, especially as I observe their effects on the Astral or Emotional Body in the Human Aura. It has also been long obvious to me that flora and fauna, including the food we eat, reflect a particular coloured light for a reason and I would often suggest to patients and clients that they eat, as far as possible, according to certain colour patterns when they are unwell or out of balance.

However, during the summer (1999) many separate strands of thought came together as I spent a little time sitting in our garden observing the devas and nature spirits – the spirits around our pond and the angel presences that always abound amongst the trees and flowers.

The dialogue that unfolded guided me to listen to the flowers and understand that a whole chromatic science exists by working with the flowers according to their colour vibration.

I questioned that many of these flowers are hybrids and all are cultivated, by my wife and me, and not wild flowers in their natural habitat. It was explained to me that any plant and flower, lovingly tended, reflects Divine Light. The notion that only 'wild' flowers have a high vibrational resonance is flawed, and all flowers evolve and change, even those that grow in field and meadow.

As a consequence of these dialogues and additional information given to me in a series of vivid and powerful dreams, I prepared the first flower colour (chromatic) essences using selective blends of flowers picked when in full bloom, in the summer sunshine.

I called upon my years of experience observing and interpreting aura and chakra systems and the multitude of colour patterns they reveal, when blending the different colour values in the flowers. I used a sun energising method, along with a meditational link with the flowers as they discharged their chromatic energy into the water. The essence was then preserved in a solution of brandy with spring water.

The system of prescribing I am currently using is based upon my perception of the ray colours in the Auric field of an individual and the Chakra vortices.

Where I perceive a problem with either the volume, quality or distribution of a ray colour or colours then that determines the essence or essences I use initially with the patient.

My observations so far (January 2000) suggest the most effective mode of application is to work simply with one essence at a time, although I have used a combination of two or three essences in one or two cases.

The prescribed blend of essences should be seen as part of a sequence of unfoldment in the patient. If a mix of all the essences is taken, with no regard to the needs of the patient, whilst it will do no harm, it will also bring little benefit. Likewise, where the mix is wildly inaccurate, it will not resonate closely with them, having little effect. All essences and remedies of all traditions are effective because of their capacity to 'mirror' patterns in the higher bodies of the patient. They resonate with them. (This is why complex prescribing in homoeopathy can limit the effect of remedies as it can create a vibrational confusion in the patient's aura.) The secret seems to be in simple prescribing.

In chakra-based prescribing, when the essence blend mirrors the correct colour need in the chakra system, then the healing takes place. The blocks are removed, gently, form the Emotional / Astral body as it is reminded of the optimum blend of rays its chakras should reflect at that time, for healthy creative living. A greater unfolding of the Soul purpose of the individual then becomes possible as clearer thinking ensues.

All disease is the consequence of lack of right purpose expressing in the life of the sufferer. The essences can help to readjust the patient to his or her purpose and inner guidance.

The Flower Chromatic Essences are now being used by an ever increasing number of people with a continuous stream of reports as to their effectiveness. We have started our first training in UK of practitioners who will be licensed by us to use them in practice.




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