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How to Choose Your Chromatic Flower Essence

Intuitive Method
The simplest and best way to determine which essence to use is to close your eyes and just ask your imagination to show you which colour from your aura you need to treat. With practice, you will get to see the colour clearly and quickly when you ask.

Using a Pendulum
Determine which way your pendulum moves for a "yes" and which way for a "no". Then dowse each colour simply making the statement "This is the ray colour I need to treat and heal in me now." With practice, you will eliminate all the colours except the one or two you need to use.

Here are some simple correspondences that you can use, to find the essence you need.

Red – matters concerning determination, either lack of or too much, also lacking will and motivation, or you feel not properly grounded or "here"; purposelessness; constant or frequent anger (with blue).

Orange – where vitality is low and energy levels are poor; where there is no sexual desire. No "go" in you, feeling flat; menopausal symptoms.

Yellow – where the mind needs clarity, where thoughts are muddled, confused or where you don't know what you really want. Also for oversensitivity, panic, or an overloaded mind. For periods of intense study or exams.

Rose – where matters of love and affection, and relationships, especially with close ones, are a problem or need attention: where you are too self obsessed (with silver); general restlessness especially at night. Rose is a great "atmosphere clearer" when sprayed into a room.

Peach – where there is a desire and need for more peace and harmony in your life, where arguments need to be settled. For those who lack tact or are argumentative.

Green – where change is needed, for letting go, in times of change and growth: searching for a balance. Also in matters of love (with Rose) Good for starting a new job, training or moving house. Where the mind changes too frequently.

Blue – problems to do with vocation, career, and also where communication and expressing yourself is an issue or difficulty. Also where dreams and hopes are a little lost, and where creativity has vanished. Blue is an excellent ray for promoting optimism. It is also the ray of ideas.

Violet – negative thoughts dominate, or poor muddled imagination. Bad dreams: no clear vision for your life any more, can only see the bad in people, or in circumstances (or in self). Tendency to migraines and headaches. Excessively sensitive to atmospheres and the pressures from others (with yellow or rose). General lack of faith (with Silver).

Silver – where you feel disconnected from life, spiritually empty or confused. Need inspiration. For times of spiritual crisis and doubt. Aids the intuition.

White – The master essence. For shock, panic, sleeplessness (with rose) and general nervousness. After an accident, or extreme excitement. A wonderful general calming essence for the aura – the most used. Can be mixed with other essences, and also taken as a first remedy to calm things down. Also for headaches (aura congestion).




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