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Flower Chromatic Essences, some case notes

From Meditation Group teacher G. D.
In my group last night I got 4 people to attune to their astral body, in particular to the yellow in their solar plexus area. All of them said there were patches, or similar things. They then each had a drop of yellow essence. They then attuned again to their astral bodies and could all see an improvement. I then asked them to think of a person or situation that had upset them, made them angry or caused them fear, and to note any change in the yellow ray.

The first recalled a conversation that made them very angry and emotional at the time. This time they felt they were protected by a large yellow cushion, and what the person had said suddenly became completely unimportant. The second recalled a 'phone conversation from that evening, which had made them extremely angry, and was still on their mind.

After the yellow essence they felt softer, and looked at the event differently. The third recalled a similar conversation, but this time did not feel the emotion and felt it was for the other person to sort themselves out.

The fourth recalled her situation, and this time she was calm, surrounded and protected by beautiful yellow flowers.

It was an interesting exercise!

Fear of Flying
Female mid 50s (Switzerland)
Expressed fear of flying and discomfort and exhaustion after even medium-haul flights. Always unable to rest or sleep properly on flight. Prior to a flight to China from Switzerland, she took White Essence and Rose Essence. Outcome - Enjoyed the most relaxed flight ever. Slept on the plane for the first time and awoke relaxed and refreshed in Beijing.

Severe Tension Headache
Female mid 60s (Germany)
Sensitive lady - Doctorate in Mathematics - inclined to severe headaches, especially at times of frustration with people and dogmatic individuals. White Essence lifted headache within minutes after one such encounter.

Sleeplessness and Hyperactivity
Young boy aged 4 (Switzerland)
A lively, slightly hyperactive child, who slept poorly and experienced vivid, frightening dreams. After using White Essence the sleep pattern improved considerably. The child seemed to be more sensitive, yet happier.

Middle-aged woman (Germany)
Suffered from depression since a child when she was abused by her father. Often experienced migraines. Use of Violet / Purple Essence brought immediate lifting of depression and positive, healing dream patterns.

Relationship issues and distress
Woman in mid 30s (UK)
Experiencing a difficult, sometimes violent relationship, she was literally 'falling apart'. The White Essence was incredibly calming immediately during a crisis. Subsequently, taking the Green Essence she was able to make the changes she had to make and take more control of her life. It was a very dramatic change.

Anxiety, lack of purpose and disinterest in physical/sexual life
Male mid 40s (UK)
Initially given White Essence to calm depressive / anxiety state. The Green Essence was then administered for a time as he experienced many changes, followed by Yellow. Spouse noted that the Yellow brought more clarity and ease (client hadn't noticed). Orange Essence prescribed next with dramatic response. He became physically much more 'grounded'. Sexual and physical problems he had experienced were less severe and his slight revulsion to his physical nature receded. Stayed on Orange Essence for some months, to sustain improvement. Now using Red Essence.

Troubled by regrets and overworked
Female 50s (UK)
Troubled by regrets of a failed marriage. Heavily overworked as a deputy head of a special school. Prescribed Yellow Essence with immediate improvement in mental clarity, especially during an Ofsted inspection.

Aggressive relationship
Female late 40s (UK)
For her: Blue Essence followed by Yellow Essence. For him: White Essence.
The outcome - For her - a calmness and openness, a greater understanding unfolded of her partner's problems. For him - 'miraculous'. He changed overnight, becoming quieter, more caring and very conciliatory.

Relationship problems
Female mid 20s (UK)
Lacking confidence in forming and sustaining relationships. Rose, Silver and White Essences given simultaneously. Immediate response and new friendships emerged within weeks.

'I want to recall my dreams'
Female mid 50s (UK)
'I thought Paul would be interested to know that since taking the essences (Purple and Silver), I have remembered more dreams than the total remembered during the last 55 years… these dreams were magical.'

Menopausal Symptoms
Female mid 50s
A sensitive woman, working as a counsellor, experienced severe menopausal symptoms, especially hot flushes and moments of sharp anxiety. Intermittent use of the Orange and Blue Essences stopped the hot flushes and brought a general calmness.

Persistent Diarrhoea
Female Doctor (Switzerland), experiencing persistent diarrhoea, no effective diagnosis or treatment had worked. On taking White and Violet Essence, the problem stopped immediately and remains clear.




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